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Why is Music Digital Marketing Important?

Why is Music Digital Marketing Important?

Why is Music Digital Marketing Important?

With the introduction of digital streaming, the music landscape has made a plethora of different artists from all around the world more streamable and accessible. Now more than ever, music digital marketing is essential in growing the artists’ brand and awareness within the music and entertainment industry.

In this day and age, the real challenge isn’t creating the piece of music, but marketing that to a guaranteed target audience and connecting with any potential opportunity that it may receive. These music marketing platforms can come in the form of a streaming service, radio, or social media post — each reaching a different audience and demographic. But an artist needs to take their and their brand to infinite heights is a proper marketing strategy that can help analyze their performance, identify the best practices, and amplify success on each given platform.

Playlist Marketing & Promotion

Through Playlist Marketing & Promotion, an artist’s new music will be personally submitted to Spotify and YouTube’s leading curators, which allows the music to be heard throughout the globe, which can grow the artist’s fanbase!

At Out of Dust Marketing & Communication, we offer our Playlist Marketing & Promotion service to connect an artist’s music with the right playlist networks that are based on a more relational activity than artificial bots or methods.

Using our proprietary software, we begin by developing a strategic playlist distribution list compiled of Spotify Listener-Made playlists, YouTube channels, and YouTube playlists. Following the creation of those lists, our team of playlist marketing and promotion specialists will push the artist’s songs to get added on playlist networks that we feel will perform the best, based on their genre and record.

Throughout the campaign, we will generate monthly reports and receipts to establish the best practices moving forward. These reports include all the metrics that you will need to know on stream increases, video views, monthly listeners and subscribers, and follower count.

So How is Digital Marketing Changing the Music Industry?

Many people ask why we need digital marketing for music, and it’s as simple as looking at artists such as Justin Bieber, Adele and Billie Eilish. Social media and digital marketing have allowed these musical talents from all around the world to be global superstars, while offering their followers and fans a chance to interact and engage with their music easily.

Everyone and their mothers own a mobile device. It’s always on them; chances are, they’re in your pocket, on your desk, or somewhere close by. This offers us an advantage and unique ability to have our clients engage with fans that have been previously unreachable.

Before music digital marketing became a thing, a potential listener would have had to be on the right station, at the right time to hear a new song. But with our playlist marketing and promotion services, we have been able to get them discovered within the touch of a button at any given time throughout the day by the algorithms and strategies that we implemented.

Have Your Music Heard!

Music digital marketing has undoubtedly changed the way we view, listen and discover music. From social media to playlist marketing and promotion, there are an endless amount of tools for artists to use to thrive in the world of music.

At Out of Dust Marketing & Communication, we can provide you with the proper knowledge and software needed to get your music added to top YouTube and Spotify playlists, while growing your fanbase and brand! Ready to have your music heard? Contact us today!