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Why a Quality Website is Necessary for this Digital Age of Advertising

Why a Quality Website is Necessary for this Digital Age of Advertising

Website design has transformed significantly over the years, evolving from simple, static pages, to now, dynamic and interactive vessels, optimal for online advertising. Also, websites have caused a shift from traditional communication to digital communication. Newspapers and television are no longer what people go to when looking for a good or service. Instead, they turn to their mobile devices or computers. Therefore, it is essential that companies follow suit with this change, and create sites that clearly showcase what they are offering. Or else, they may be left behind in the dust. 

Here is where Out of Dust Marketing can help with website design Jacksonville, FL,  tailored exactly to your company’s unique needs.

A properly designed website should be treated as an extension of a company, containing complementary design elements like brand color, font, and a user-friendly layout. All of these properties are essential for attracting consumers, but more importantly, for keeping their attention and generating conversions. At Out of Dust Marketing, we understand that creating a quality website can be an intimidating task, especially when faced with an oversaturated online environment. Part of our process is to take the time to truly understand our clients, their needs and expectations, and the fine details of a company so that we produce a premier website.

However, we also aim to think from the perspective of the user, and what they are looking for in a website. This digital age has led to a reliance on aesthetically pleasing graphics, striking images, easy readability, and quick accessibility. It is important that the overall layout of your website contains each of these design elements in a well, thought out way. For example, “services and pricing” should be front and center in the main tabs on a website’s home page, because the more time a customer has to spend on a site, the more likely they are to move onto the next. 

Another important website design element– one that is often looked over– is mobile optimization. This is designing a site to render properly to various devices and window sizes. According to, nearly 96% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind. To exclude such a large base of potential customers would be detrimental to your business. People do not want to pinch and zoom to view a mobile site. Ensuring you do not have these small annoyances will go a long way for the site, and thus your business. 

Website Design Company, Jacksonville, FL 

In this day and age, people need information to come easy to them, especially if they are in a haste to purchase a new product or service. At Out of Dust, we understand the pressure this puts on companies, but being one of the top 14 leading web design agencies in Jacksonville, Florida–ranking among companies like SGS Technologies LLC and DiscoveryTec– we have the necessary skills to create the most effective website for everything your company offers. 

For all your website needs, visit our Out of Dust Marketing & Communication website and development page, or contact us by phone: 904-775-2957 for more information.