Social Media is a vital part of marketing your company in 2019. It is an excellent tool for reaching a targeted audience and connecting with consumers interested in your company or organization. Having a strong presence on Social Media is essential, and being successful heavily relies on engagement from consumers or fans of your brand. Start practicing the following tips and boost your engagement game!

Schedule Social Media Posts at Optimal Times

There are many opinions and theories from social media companies about what the best times to schedule posts are. Around or just after noon is a good time and an excellent starting point for many businesses, but the optimal time can vary from one organization to another. The simplest way to decide what time your company should schedule social media posts is to monitor the engagement you receive on posts. Take note of the time of day you see the most consumer interaction. Are your followers more likely to interact with your social accounts in the morning, midday, or evening? Perform your own test to decide what times work best for your needs.

Create content worth sharing

The most straightforward way to ensure exceptional engagement is to make sure you are posting content that people have a desire to engage with! Will people have an emotional response to your content, or will they scroll past without a second thought? Be sure to make use of visual elements! Videos, high-quality photos, and clean, crisp graphics are great eye-catching content to post.

Own Engagement Opportunities

Don’t let engagements go unnoticed, especially if someone has questions about your product or services. When someone comments on your content, send them a quick response! You should even respond to the negative comments to show you are willing to find resolutions to your customers’ problems. Own up to every opportunity you have to make a connection with somebody. Not only will your audience appreciate the consideration, but they will also be more likely to engage with future posts and share with friends and family. 

Be Proactive

Being proactive with your social strategy may take more time and effort up-front, but taking a proactive approach to social media will help you stay organized and engaged with your audience. You can start by building an editorial calendar, a calendar of all social media content, and when to post it. At Out of Dust, we recommend:

  1. Identifying Monthly Communication Themes 
  2. Creating a Social Media Content Marketing Matrix: 
    1. What to post
    2. Description of the content
    3. How often to post
  3. Completing a Communication Worksheet: Descriptive worksheet, based on monthly communication themes and marketing matrix.

Social Media Companies like Out of Dust Marketing can assist in creating a proactive social strategy, including a practical, user-friendly editorial calendar.

Don’t Forget the CTA

A CTA or call-to-action is a way to provide easy engagement opportunities for someone who follows your content. Don’t merely give information on what to do next. Provide a link to your website or access to next-steps and more resources that will suit their needs. Consistently providing resources will not only generate more leads and traffic to your site but will bring more people back who want to engage with your content in the future.

Even with a basic understanding of social media and access to great resources, managing a successful social strategy can be difficult and time-consuming. If you need help managing social media for your business, social media companies like Out of Dust Marketing can help you create and execute a proactive plan that suits your organization’s needs. 

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