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Remaining Innovative During Crisis Communication

Remaining Innovative During Crisis Communication

Within the past few weeks, we have seen several crisis communications situations arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality of the threat was that no one was fully prepared for the drastic measures being taken so fast, and it has severely affected the way some industries are running. 

While many are supporting industries such as restaurants and not-for-profit organizations, there are some businesses that are often overlooked during a time of crisis. One client, an established, local cemetery was one of the businesses affected by these restrictions on social gathering in public spaces. 

Though not a usual place for people to visualize large gatherings; services, like the ones our client offers, are often held in large numbers because of friends and family traveling by car or plane to attend. 

When faced with the situation of how to provide usual services, while also adhering to the guidelines set in place, our team at Out of Dust Marketing & Communication worked with our client to create a plan that worked in favor, not only for their business but for the families and friends that would be affected. 

We conceived a plan to offer online funeral viewing services for families during the increasing COVID-19 restrictions. This option would provide those unable to attend, a private clickable link that can be viewed an hour after the service has ended. This would provide accessibility for those who wish to still celebrate the life of their friend or family member from anywhere in the world, while practicing social distancing. 

This quick thought out plan was pitched to the general manager at the cemetery, and we met the next day to find a viable platform to post these videos, while also ensuring the privacy of the families. 

Though this was a plan intended to combat the rising health concerns, it turned out to be an innovative idea for the future use of the cemetery’s services. This could still be used after things slow down and provide access to those unable to travel due to busy schedules, illness, inability to travel, etc. 

With the help of our team, this innovative reaction to an ongoing crisis has gained media attention and is being covered on various channels. By being proactive during a time like this, our team was able to come up with an idea that helped our client in need, while also establishing a long-term service that could impact the way their industry runs. 

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