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Realty agents give Hope Haven a makeover

Realty agents give Hope Haven a makeover

Nearly 60 agents from Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners spent May 11 renovating Hope Haven, a nonprofit that provides specialized services for children and their families.

The agents remodeled the restrooms, playroom, lobby and reception area as well as added new furniture, window fixtures and shelves.

The community service was on behalf of RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, an initiative the company launched nationwide in 2009 and is held on the second Thursday every May.

“We start planning this during the first part of the year,” said Nancy Freeman, market center administrator at Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners. “We also help Hope Haven each month by hosting holiday and birthday celebrations for the kids, so that’s how we knew they had other needs.”

Freeman added that RED Day gets employees out of their normal routines.

“You’re able to give back and you also feel the camaraderie among the peopale you’re working with,” she said. “We’re able to be in a different environment with everybody and use some of the skills each other have.”

Agent James Streit spent the days before RED Day priming walls and drywall patching throughout Hope Haven.

On May 11, he was busy building two benches, a table, reupholstering chairs, installing new televisions and window fixtures.

“This facility runs on volunteers and the money it raises,” Streit said. “It’s rewarding to be a small part of that and know that our efforts are supporting these kids.”

Nancy Weaver, development director at Hope Haven, said Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners has supported the organization for the past several years.

“At our holiday and birthday parties, they go to lengths to find out personal things about each of the kids in order to get them a gift that is really meaningful,” she said. “Having them here is incredible and it means a lot to the kids.”

Weaver said Hope Haven provides clinical and educational services to more than 5,000 families each year.

“None of our staff members have received raises in five years and they often work through lunch and go home exhausted but they do it because their hearts are in the mission,” she said. “Making the kids happy is awesome, but having [Keller Williams] here does a lot for the staff too.”

Weaver added that the efforts by Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners have brightened up the facility.

“We used to have a drab looking lobby and now it’s a nice place to come,” she said. “This is a game changer.”

In the future, Weaver hopes Hope Haven’s relationship with Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners continues.

“I hope it grows and serves as an example to others,” she said. “They’re like a family and I hope they don’t ever go away.”

Freeman said the company plans to continue giving back to Hope Haven.

“We’ve hopped around to different organizations each RED Day and the reason is because needs change everywhere we’ve gone, but we’d love a place to continually come,” she said. “We hope to have an ongoing relationship with them and for them to know that they can count on us to support them.”