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Public Relations

Out of Dust Marketing isn’t just a marketing agency, we’re also experts in public relations. Our team creates public relations campaigns that lead to media coverage and increased web traffic and business. We aim to increase our clients’ exposure in a positive way.

Our team will develop a media relations strategy for your business. We manage all your public relations needs including content creation, media relations, paid media, owned media, social media, and more. In a social-media driven world, public relations has expanded to paid media (ads) and owned media (social media pages or any other pages we operate); however, our team also focuses on earned media, which is powerful and essential. Through earned media, we write traditional press (news) releases, story pitches, and opinion pieces to editors, bloggers, and reporters.


A press release is a written statement directed towards different members of the media to announce something newsworthy. Whether your company just expanded or won an award, we will write up a well-written, engaging press release and send it off to a diverse group of media. When you need to reach out to the public about something important going on in your business, our team can deliver the news in the best, most trusted way possible.


We think like storytellers and know what the media industry is looking for. We develop creative story ideas with a bigger picture or stories related to your industry or community/area. We offer great quotes and pictures to the media. We also know the ideal time to pitch these stories to the media. We make our pitches creative, credible, convincing, and concise. We do our research and know who to contact.


We write and craft well-thought out opinion pieces to send to the media to gain credibility and visibility. These opinion pieces will come from our clients’ CEO or other executives – these pieces are filled with strong points and facts that work to persuade the reader. These pieces help the company gain publicity and business.

Our opinion pieces: are brief, focus on one issue/idea, show research/facts, are timely, are personal, are clear, educate the reader, are humorous (if appropriate), and show strength.


Through different email strategies, we find ways to connect you to your customers and potential customers.

Our goal is to make your email marketing strategy work for you no matter your company goals. We know how to create email campaigns to attract and engage with an audience that bring you a ROI.

Our team at Out of Dusk Marketing is passionate about creating email marketing campaigns that are compelling, informative, and effective.

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