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Public Relations

Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between businesses, organizations or companies, and their publics. In simpler terms, it’s focusing on the relationships between consumers and businesses.

Public Relations Jacksonville

Public Relations Services

At Out of Dust Marketing, we are experts in PR and create campaigns that lead to media coverage, increased web traffic, and long-lasting relationships with the media and your consumers. To ensure these relationships are established we use various forms of communication that contribute to public relations.

Hard News Press Releases

Press releases are written statements directed toward different members of the media to announce newsworthy items. This can be a company expansion, awards, and other beneficial news that your company, business or organization may have. 

Our PR experts are able to write up well-crafted press releases and send it to our data bank of thousands of local, regional and national media contacts. These contacts can include beat reporters writing about your industry, community or business. 

When you need to reach out to the public in an urgent manner about something going on in your business, community or industry, our team can deliver your news in the best, most transparent way possible. 

Feature Story Pitch Pieces

Storytelling is at the forefront of public relations. Being able to tell a story, and knowing how the media and public will react, is essential in creating long-lasting relationships. 

Pitch pieces will offer the media a creative story to depict your industry or community through the operations of your company. By doing extensive background research on your focus, and understanding the essence of your business, organization or company, we are able to make these pitches creative, credible, convincing and concise for our databank of journalists looking for sources for an upcoming story.

Opinion/Thought Pieces

Opinion/thought pieces, or OP-EDs, provide an objective analysis of the industry or community that your business is serving. These opinion pieces will come from our clients’ CEO or other executives to provide a credible and visible story for your brand. These pieces are filled with strong points and facts that influence the reader, while gaining publicity and trust. 

Our opinion pieces are brief and focus on one idea at a time. They provide extensive background research and facts that are personal, timely, clear, humorous (if appropriate) and educate the reader on your brand, industry or community. 

Getting Your News Out There

Providing relevant information is only one part of the public relations communication model we provide. Contacting and publishing to credible media channels is also essential in conveying your message effectively, appropriately and accurately. We can: 

  • Get your information out to influencers, beat reporters, and other contacts that are looking to write about your industry or community.
  • Conduct source monitoring and respond to journalists and reporters looking for sources that fit your business, company or organization’s news. 
  • Plan press conference coverage for news media.
  • Monitor alerts to update you on your business’ media coverage.

Establish Long-Lasting Relationships Today

Through our different media relations strategies, we will find a way to create a bridge between you and the public. Our goal is to make your public relations efforts transparent, credible and effective to the public to enhance and grow your brand. 

At Out of Dust Marketing, our public relations professionals are proactive in sharing your brand’s knowledge and expertise, news, and stories to the public. We have the proper skills and tools available to help your brand navigate the ever-changing industry, that is media.

Let’s get started!

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