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Video Production

Video production enhances your brand and brings life to your company’s website, social media pages, and more! They make it easier to get your point across, while providing your prospective customers with valuable information. At Out of Dust Marketing, we can help you with the entire video production process; from: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Video Production

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Our Video Production Specialities

Micro Videos

Micro videos are 15- to 90-second videos that are used for short and simple social media videos. These videos can explain product updates, news, informational segments, etc. We’re able to make these videos compatible with Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter!

Brand Stories

Brand stories help showcase your business and the story behind it. What do you want people to know about you? What aspects do you want to showcase that present brand recognition for potential customers? This video production option will do just that! These videos will be posted to your company’s homepage or “About Us” page.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos provide more insight on your products and services. This will be posted to your company’s products and/or services page and provide customers with a 2-3minute video about what your product/service entails. 

Company Interviews

Company interviews will focus on highlighting different facets of your company. These can be informational videos about the people behind your company that go in-depth with their backgrounds and other tidbits that help with the transparency of your overall brand.

Don’t see an option that fits what you’re looking for? No problem! We can work with you and provide you the proper video production plan that best fits your needs! 

Video Production Services

Many businesses have yet to fully grasp the significant role in how videos attract customers and provide a better understanding of a company’s brand. In today’s modern age, a consumer is no longer getting their information via the radio or television, but rather through their visual platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Digital technology, like video production, is leveling the playing field in most businesses today, and is providing a cost-effective and readily accessible tool to tether a potential consumer’s awareness to your business.

Incorporating videos into your business operations and marketing strategies is key to reaching the new demographic of social media users and the followers that engage with your business online.

Why Is Video Production Good for Your Business?

It’s important to have versatility within your videos; having variety keeps your content from looking stagnant and feeling repetitive to your target audience. At Out of Dust, we can provide a handful of different video production options for any of your services, products, company stories, and more! 

Based on statistics, we know that consumers remember 10 percent of what is heard, and 20 percent of what is seen, but when shown a video, they are able to remember 50 percent better. So why exactly is video production important for your business? We’ve provided eight key reasons to consider using video production: 

  1. Videos provide variety when it comes to promoting your business.
  2. Videos are more cost-effective and much easier to produce.
  3. Videos can enhance your company image and brand awareness.
  4. Videos allow others to share information that aren’t composed of stagnant photos or text (with different social media channels available, it’s important to match the media type to the platform). 
  5. Videos engage your target audience up to 250% more!
  6. Videos generate more visibility and exposure by creating a stronger presence both offline and online. 
  7. Videos make it easier to get your point across by showing informational videos with eye-catching visuals to attract your audience.
  8. Lastly, videos promote creativity. The shots you take and the graphics you use create interest in what your company has to offer.

We Can Be Your Jacksonville Video Production Specialist

At Out of Dust Marketing & Communication, we know what it takes to get your small business off the ground and into the world. By showcasing your company and its many attributes through videos, you will be able to reach more people and establish brand recognition from your potential customers and target audiences. 

As a video production company in Jacksonville, Florida, we can help you curate content that’s ideal for your business, with the look and feel of a high-end video. Using our state-of-the-art video production equipment, we are able to capture the perfect video for your corporate videos, brand stories, staff interviews, product and service highlights, digital ads, etc. 

If you’re in the area and need social media videos to elevate your brand, our Jacksonville video production specialists are ready to help! 

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