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Social Media

Let us help you achieve your communication and branding goals by identifying the proper social media networks and implementing a strategic social media marketing strategy to increase your organization's reach, engagement, and traffic consideration.


Social media = new business and brand awareness. Social media is a lead generator and an extension of your brand. In fact, social media websites are some of the most popular and frequented websites on the Internet.

Social media platforms are a great way to attract a wider audience of potential customers while also engaging with your current customers. These social media platforms are the ideal place for you to fully understand what your customers wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

At Out of Dust Marketing, we use social media accounts to build our clients’ brands, increase brand awareness, and interact with clients. We build social media marketing campaigns to generate leads and get people interacting with the brand and lead them to your website.

What do your current social media pages look like? Are they accurate? Do you update them often? Are they engaging? Are they getting attention?  We can help you improve all these areas in question.


Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Twitter? Where do you begin? We’ve got you covered! We’re experts in social media marketing.

We will build a social media campaign, that goes along with your business, content, and marketing strategy, into the social platforms that make sense for your business.

We don’t create cookie-cutter plans. We customize each social media marketing campaign for all our clients. Here are some steps we follow to create your custom social media plan:

  • We ask you what your goals are for your social media accounts.
  • We look at your current (if any) social media accounts to see how they look, how visible they are, how active you’ve been, and if people are engaging with your content and brand.
  • We do market research to see what your local competitors are doing with their social media. We look to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • We will update your pages to fit current goals, whether it’s with new photos, promotions, contests, information, posts, etc.  
  • We create a content plan and schedule.
  • We manage the accounts daily.
  • We analyze how the posts are performing and make tweaks if necessary.
  • We interact and learn the needs of users/potential clients who comment or message.   


It’s simple: More business. If you do not have a social media presence, you will leave money on the table. Social media allows you to attract new or prospective customers, connect with new or prospective customers, and engage and retain current customers.

Social media is all about sharing. Sharing information. Sharing news. Sharing products. Sharing photos. The more people you attract and engage, the more chances they will share your brand, which will give you exposure to a bigger audience.


Our goal is to make your social media platforms work for you, no matter your company goals. From promotions and announcements to photo slideshows and questions, we know how to attract and engage with an audience that bring you a ROI.

Our team at Out of Dusk Marketing is passionate about coming up with social media solutions that focus on simplicity, practicality, and impact.

Meet your future customers on social media platforms now!

Let’s get started!

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