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Social Media

When it comes to enhancing your brand’s overall visibility, there is no sanction of marketing and communications that is constantly changing and improving better than social media. The shift of consumer experience interactions from face-to-face to online has made social media the ideal way to actively engage and create long-lasting relationships with customers and clients.

Social Media Services

As we speak, you’re on a website trying to figure out the best way to boost your brand. You were most likely shown this link on a social media platform which prompted you to this page about our social media services. 

This online tool has become all-encompassing in some ways. Businesses and organizations are able to tap into their niche and general markets with the click of a button. It shows the WORLD who you are and what you provide without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. 

At Out of Dust Marketing and Communication, we help your business achieve your communication and branding goals by identifying the proper social media marketing strategies to increase reach, engagement, and traffic consideration. 

What do your current social media pages look like? Are they accurate and up to date? Are they generating engagement? Are they reaching your target market? We can help you improve all these areas in question! 

Social Media Marketing and Management

Does your business’ target audience use Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Or Twitter? We can help you figure out who to target and on what platforms! 

Our expertise in social media marketing provides campaigns that align with your business, content, and marketing strategies to create a cohesive, integrated plan to help your business, organization, or brand succeed! 

We know one size does not fit all, so we provide a customized marketing plan for all our clients. 

Some steps to accurately gauge who your potential audience and reach are: 

  • We ask what your goals are for your social media accounts.
  • We look at your current (if any) social media accounts to see their current status: how they look, their visibility, account activity and user engagement.
  • We do market research to evaluate other competitors’ best practices, and implement them into our strategies. 
  • We curate and update content to fit your current social media strategy goals ranging from photos, promotions, contests and more. 
  • We manage accounts daily by engaging with users, scheduling posts, etc. 
  • We provide a monthly analysis to see how your posts and overall brand are performing, and provide alternative strategies to ensure your brand is reaching your target market. 

The Importance of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes down to it, we want to help your business, organization, or brand succeed. Social media allows you to attract new or prospective customers, connect with them, and engage and retain current ones. 

Social media is all about sharing. Sharing information, news, products, photos and potentially YOUR BRAND. The more people you attract and engage with, the more chances that you will be exposed to a bigger audience. 

Social Media Marketing Jacksonville


Our team at Out of Dust Marketing & Communication is passionate about coming up with social media solutions that focus on simplicity, practicality, and impact. Meet your future customers on social media now! 

Let’s get started!

Want to schedule a meeting to learn more about our social media services? We’re here to help!