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Email Marketing

Email marketing is critical to your online marketing strategy. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. Email is a way for you to directly contact and connect with your customers and potential customers.

Through strategically written and designed emails, you can attract a wider audience and keep your current and past clients engaged. At Out of Dust Marketing, we use different email marketing services like Constant Contact and MailChimp. These services make emailing easy by providing templates for us to connect you to your customers and grow your business.


Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it becomes more powerful and helpful with marketing automation. Marketing automation can make your email marketing campaign more effective.

With marketing automation, you can do so much more then send an email blast or look at open rates. You can track lead scoring and analytics and create multi-step campaigns.  

Marketing automation helps you:

  • Save time – you don’t have to craft individual emails and you can focus on campaigns that will help get you leads.
  • Follow up with leads – you will only follow up on leads who are ready to buy.
  • Run multiple campaigns.
  • Track your efforts and attribute revenue.


Email newsletters are a specific type of marketing strategy. Users can scroll through the email to find an area of interest to them.  Unlike other emails, email newsletters are not pushing your products or service, instead, they engage the subscriber with relevant information.  

Newsletters are a great way to capture and engage your current customers and keep them coming back for more. These subscribers can even pass along your newsletters, which in turn could get your more clients/customers.

Our team will create the most effective email newsletter. We create our newsletters, so they will get open and read. Our hope is that the user will interact and act upon something he/she read and engage with your brand or purchase your product/service.

  • We know how to create newsletters so they will get successfully delivered and won’t show up as spam or be unable to download.
  • We write compelling content to attract users.
  • We create simple, concise, and clever newsletters.
  • We make sure the newsletters are mobile friendly.
  • We keep the newsletter in sync with your brand.
  • We provide a clear call-to-action to help your readers act.


A third powerful email marketing tool is landing pages. A landing page is a page you create on your website that customers are led to from a link in an email. In short, they are a webpage that users find because of a link you shared in an email campaign.

The landing page helps you keep your emails simple. This page has more information, images, options to buy a service/product, contact information, and more.

We create and design beautiful landing pages that are an extension of your brand. We make this page look like the rest of your website to stay consistent with your brand.

On these pages, we will:

  • Write creative, fun, engaging, informative content
  • Display your service and/or products
  • Track your email campaign traffic to see the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Provide a call-to-action
  • Create buttons and carts for users to learn more or purchase a product/service
  • Place a sign up for email on the page in case potential customers found this page another way


Through different email strategies, we find ways to connect you to your customers and potential customers.

Our goal is to make your email marketing strategy work for you no matter your company goals. We know how to create email campaigns to attract and engage with an audience that bring you a ROI.

Our team at Out of Dusk Marketing is passionate about creating email marketing campaigns that are compelling, informative, and effective.

Connect with your customers and find new customers today!

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