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220 E Forysth St. Suite A Jacksonville, FL 32202


Jumpin’ Jax – House of Food Opens

Jumpin’ Jax – House of Food Opens

Jumpin’ Jax – House of Food, a fast casual restaurant concept in the Mandarin neighborhood, is a vision of some of the early pioneers of local restaurants including, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Larry’s Giant Subs, and The Loop.

Jumpin’ Jax’s founders Howdy Russell, Charles Moles, and Chris Fusco come with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the restaurant industry. “We are all grateful for the experience and expertise gained with our former ventures,” stated co-founder, Chris Fusco. Chris, current franchise owner of five successful Larry’s Giant Subs, has been fortunate to have over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry here in Jacksonville, FL. Co- Founder, Howdy Russell, began with the Loop Pizza and Grill as Director of Operations. After a couple years with the Loop, Howdy moved over to become the Franchise Director for Larry’s Giant Subs where he met and sold Chris Fusco his first Larry’s Giant Subs franchise. In 2014, Howdy was fortunate enough to join Maple Street Biscuit Company as an early investor. Coming along the journey with Howdy at Maple Street biscuit Company was friend, Charles Moles. Charles started his restaurant career as a busboy with the Loop Pizza and Grill where he initially met Howdy. Charles worked his way up from busboy to Area Director for a franchise group for the Loop. Joining Howdy at Maple Street, Charles gained experience handling operations, training, and purchasing, helping Maple Street grow from two-to-nine locations.

The three decided to take the next step and create their own restaurant concept – Jumpin’ Jax -House of Food. What you can expect: Jumpin’ Jax – House of Food promotes the best food, quality ingredients, and an even better environment. “We are going to be serving food you will want to have multiple times a week. We want to be able to see people in the community often,” stated co-founder Howdy Russell. Jumpin’ Jax has food for every taste bud, allowing guests to choose from a variety of cuisines and dishes including salads, chicken sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, homemade soups, and desserts.

“We realize that in our market segment there is an increase or shift taking place of methods of delivery with traditional waitstaff, toward ordering and picking up a number or pager to receive your food. Maple Street Biscuit Company uses the concept of asking customers the Question of the Month to receive their food. Similarly, we are going to use a comparable method, however, guests will be given a “Superlative Compliment” to pick up their food. For example, we might call out the “Best Looking, or Smartest Guy or Girl in Jacksonville”. The superlative compliments will promote positivity and great dialogue at their table,” according to Russell. Jumpin’ Jax will go beyond just great food and superior service. Their vision is to become a family member of the neighborhood, focusing on supporting community servant heartedness. “We are planting ourselves in Jacksonville and we’re looking forward to being partners with our community, including little leagues, different houses of worship (not limited to one religion), civic business clubs, etc,” stated Russell.

Media hit thanks to Edible Northeast Florida. Click here for the full article.