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How to Revise Marketing and Communication Strategies for Small Business Owners and Organizations During Pandemics

How to Revise Marketing and Communication Strategies for Small Business Owners and Organizations During Pandemics

How to Revise Marketing and Communication Strategies for Small Business Owners and Organizations During Pandemics

The coronavirus has slowly made its way to the United States. Residents are taking local grocery stores by storm, panic-buying what they can, and then some. Since the pandemic started, people are faced with a new wave of anxiety, fear and an overwhelming sense of confusion. 

Each day there is new information, restrictions and guidelines to follow for those who continue to keep their businesses and organizations open. COVID-19 regulations have caused this new “react-and-adapt” model to take place where businesses have to take newfound information and quickly share their revised plans and proceedings to meet the heightened standards of safety. 

Many questions arise for business owners when events such as this occur. How will I keep my business afloat? What happens to my staff? How will I get customers to trust that their safety is of utmost importance? And how can I differ from similar businesses in my area doing the same things? 

Remain Innovative and Creative

Like your regular business model should be, one of your goals should be keeping up with the trends and tailoring it to your business. Being proactive in how you can get your information across can help you in the long run. 

Restaurants for example, could take these new restrictions and create a “curbside pick-up” option to keep sales going, while also ensuring the safety of their staff. Creating an updated menu that removes the risk of touching food more frequently, while giving your staff an efficient way of getting the food orders made, is essential in the transparency of your establishment.

Creating graphics that tailor to social distancing, while keeping a light heart can also bring a sense of security for your customers when you post to social media. Everyone is scared, there’s no doubt about it. Keeping a calm facade and ensuring that you are doing everything in your power, is essential. 

Simple changes that mirror the constantly changing information, can help alleviate the stress of sending staff home, but also the financial instability that this time can cause small business owners.

Increase Consumer Confidence

Whenever new pieces of information come out from the local or national government, make a post that informs your consumers that you are taking the proper measures to ensure their safety. Being on top of the latest news can create a sense of consumer confidence for your business because like we said before, people are scared and anxious about the unforeseen future. 

Posting about this new information may be good for the front-end of your business, but you should aim to exceed your consumer’s expectations and show them how you’re taking these strides. 

How are you screening your employees, volunteers, etc? How are you updating your menu to help the majority of your customers? What cleaning routines do you have in place before, after, and during hours of operation?

Showing the behind-the-scenes action of the safety precautions you are providing during business hours through video can show that you are being fully transparent with the guidelines and your words. 

See the Light at the End of the Tunnel

“During times of panic, it’s not a reason to give up or shut down. But it’s the time to do our part as small business owners to continue to grow and expand our community,” Brandon Forschino, Founder and CEO of Out of Dust Marketing & Communication. 

Creating a proper marketing and communications plan is not only essential for the time we are in now, but for the rest of your business’ life. Understanding the critical timeliness of an unforeseen circumstance can be a bit daunting when balancing life, business, and other things in between, but we are here to help. 

At Out of Dust Marketing & Communication, we are experts in creating the right plan for you and your business. We are here to help you achieve your marketing and communication goals by identifying proper networks and strategies to increase your business’ reach, engagement and foot traffic. 

For all your marketing and communication needs, contact our team at Out of Dust Marketing & Communication by visiting our Contact Page or by phone: 904-775-2957. Visit our blog for more helpful tips and case studies to boost your brand.