If you want to have a successful social media strategy, you must understand the social media landscape. Use our social media guides to ensure you are using each platform effectively.


Facebook is an excellent place for businesses to communicate with their customers. Facebook offers a community of engaged users that will interact with brands, companies, or products that they like. With over 2.41 Billion monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform and should be used regularly by businesses to share products and services, special promotions, and company updates and culture.


Much like Facebook, Instagram is a place where businesses can engage with customers daily, all while showcasing their brand through newsfeed photos, videos, and stories. With over 1 Billion monthly users, brands need to be putting out professional content on Instagram as much as Facebook.


LinkedIn is all about building networks and getting connected with professionals in your field. It consists primarily of adults who have graduated from college and are looking for business opportunity solutions. Businesses should be using LinkedIn to introduce themselves to potential clients and create beneficial connections with other organizations and professionals.


Twitter is a social network meant for microblogging and interacting with others through short, and concise messages called tweets. While you won’t be able to share as much as you can through other social media platforms, due to the 280 character per-tweet limit, Twitter is still an excellent tool for businesses to post company updates, share blogs and articles, and engage with clients, customers, and other companies.


Spotify is an audio streaming platform used primarily for streaming music and podcasts. Spotify has helped create a level playing field for artists to share and generate streams for their music. Artists can use Spotify in partnership with other social media platforms to promote their music through digital advertising, social media marketing, playlist marketing and promotion (getting music featured in popular Spotify playlists).


Like Spotify, Pandora is primarily for listening to music, podcasts, and playlists. Pandora takes a different approach from other music streaming platforms in that it emphasizes listening to generated stations according to artists or genres you like. This allows listeners to explore new music that matches their music tastes. Just like Spotify, artists can use Pandora to promote their music through digital advertising and playlist marketing and promotion.


YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to view videos and listen to music on-demand for free. Individuals, businesses, and artists can share content that they can link back to on other social media platforms. YouTube videos are a great way to create interest in your product, service, or music, and an easy way to send viewers directly to your website.

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