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Case Studies

After releasing a new single, one of our clients in the music and entertainment industry was trying to increase streams and generate new fans. Solution: After performing an audit and assessment of their brand and fans, we created a custom marketing plan to promote the new single. Through social media marketing, social media advertising and a playlisting strategy, we created a release campaign using detailed targeting to showcase the new single to prospective listeners. Results: With a total...

Problem: BEC Recordings Artist, Aaron Bucks, came to Out of Dust Marketing with a need to promote his new music. Although Aaron’s previous 2019 release of Beautiful Thing/California had been very successful, Aaron felt the need to raise awareness for his upcoming single titled, I Got You. Solution: After assessing Aaron’s situation from a marketing perspective, Out of Dust was able to create a personalized plan to effectively promote his latest release through social media, digital ads, email marketing,...