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Case Study: Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

Case Study: Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

One of the biggest challenges for businesses when it comes to understanding how they’re being found on Google, is focusing too much on the technical approach for robots instead of creating a balance on the technical requirements with a level of uniqueness to your audience using SEO.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.


When Out of Dust Marketing & Communication first started selling SEO as a service, we focused on the very broad and technical approach of it all. We were seeing a lot of traffic for our clients, but there was little to no conversion. It wasn’t until we started to focus more on who our clients were trying to attract, that we saw immediate success.  


One of our favorite examples was with a commercial construction client. Our SEO strategy was built around the local commercial construction queries, but after diving deeper, we realized that their niche was actually more tailored to tenant improvement and retail buildots. After finding this out, we were able to reconstruct our SEO strategy to be more inclusive of these niche queries and were even able to make our SEO writing strategy adaptable to speak to more people who were looking for these niche services. 


Within the first month of executing this strategy, our client was awarded a $30 million contract with a large alternative medicine company to oversee the construction management of 30 proposed retail facilities in the state of Florida. 


In general, we have learned that although it’s important to increase ranking and position, it’s even more important to ensure that we are attracting the right leads. While certain queries may have more search volume, we believe less can be more, and this has paid off in the long run when trying to reach out to potential leads within our clients’ markets. 


Another important shift in our thinking was going back to the simple concept of validation. At the end of the day, everyone is influenced by some form of validation. We chose the place we eat, travel, watch, and shop by what our center sphere of influence suggests. Google is no different. Through a combination of increasing positive reviews, user-generated testimonials for social media and the website, portfolio galleries, and link outreach, we are helping our clients increase their rank and position, while also ensuring lead conversion. 

Start on Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy


Creating a proper SEO strategy using our Search Engine Optimization service is one of the most affordable and effective marketing methods for a business to use. Understanding the balance between relying on the technical requirements to rank, while also reaching your audience and creating lead conversions, can be a bit daunting. 


At Out of Dust Marketing & Communication, don’t make cookie cutter SEO plans for our clients. We are SEO experts who research and create customized SEO strategies that reflect our clients’ individual needs, budgets, goals, audience and industry. We practice only white hat (allowed) SEO techniques and keep up with Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithm so we can tweak our strategies, while staying on top of the latest SEO techniques. 


For all your SEO needs, contact our team at Out of Dust Marketing & Communication by visiting our Contact Page or by phone: 904-775-2957. Visit our blog for more helpful tips and case studies to boost your brand.