Eagle’s View Academy


Increase awareness and enrollment for Eagle’s View Academy High School.

Campaign Details:

  • Budget: $10
  • Link Clicks: 181
  • Reach: 2,822 people
  • Target Audience: Parents of high-school-aged students within a specific mile radius of the campus

Our Approach:

Strategic Targeting: Using detailed targeting options on social media platforms, we specifically reached out to parents of high-school-aged students living near Eagle’s View Academy. This helped us ensure that our campaign reached the right audience with a higher likelihood of interest in enrolling their child in high school.

Compelling Ad Creative: We developed this eye-catching and engaging ad creative that highlighted the unique benefits of Eagle’s View Academy. The ads showcased the school’s excellent academic programs, experienced faculty, extracurricular activities, and the nurturing environment that fosters personal growth.

Optimization for Link Clicks: Our strategy focused on optimizing the campaign for link clicks, aiming to generate maximum interest and traffic to the enrollment page on Eagle’s View Academy’s website. This allowed potential parents to learn more about the school and take the following steps toward enrollment.


Link Clicks: The campaign generated 181 link clicks, demonstrating a strong level of interest from our target audience.

Reach: The campaign reached 2,822 people, ensuring that many parents within the specified radius were exposed to the enrollment campaign.

Cost-Effectiveness: The campaign yielded positive results with a budget of only $100. Every dollar spent was utilized efficiently to reach and engage the target audience effectively.

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