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Celebrating Heritage: Capturing the Camino del Mestizaje Inauguration at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine

In this case study, we highlight our recent project for the Diocese of Saint Augustine and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine. Our team had an exciting opportunity to document and commemorate the official opening of the Camino del Mestizaje. This event held great significance on the Feast day of Saint James. Our involvement went beyond shooting and editing the official video, as we also took responsibility for capturing the event through photography. This case study offers insights into our strategic approach, the challenges faced, and the successful outcome of the project.

The primary objective of this project was to produce a high-quality video and compelling photographs that effectively showcased the opening of the Camino del Mestizaje to a wide range of audiences. The video and photography were intended for distribution on the website, social media platforms, and major media publications, ensuring the event’s reach and impact.


  1. Pre-production: We worked closely with the Diocese of Saint Augustine and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine to gain a thorough understanding of the event’s significance, purpose, and desired outcome. This allowed us to create a detailed shot list and plan for both the video and photography aspects of the project.
  2. Equipment and Team: We utilized state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality video and photography. Our experienced team consisted of skilled videographers and photographers who were well-versed in capturing important moments and ensuring clarity and visual appeal.
  3. Capturing the Moment: On the day of the event, our team meticulously documented every aspect of the Camino del Mestizaje inauguration. We focused on capturing the grandeur of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine, the reactions of attendees, and the essence of the event. Our team’s discreet presence ensured an authentic representation of the atmosphere without potential distractions.
  4. Editing and Post-production: We carefully selected the most impactful footage and photographs to create a cohesive narrative that aligned with the client’s vision. Our editing process included color correction, sound enhancements, and the incorporation of relevant graphics to add depth and storytelling elements to the final video.


The collaboration between our team, the Diocese of Saint Augustine, and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine resulted in a visually stunning and emotionally engaging video and photography collection. The media was successfully used on the website and various social media platforms, effectively communicating the significance of the Camino del Mestizaje to a diverse audience.

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