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Author: Abby Goetz

During the holiday season, companies all over the country fight for their consumer’s attention, especially in the ever-growing world of social media. From coupon codes to holiday-themed giveaways, businesses are trying a variety of social media tactics in an attempt to reel in their customers, increase sales, and end their year with a bang.  While there are many routes you can take to achieve such goals, our social media team at Out of Dust Marketing recommends one...

As the year comes to a close, nonprofits from all over the world begin to kick-off their end-of-year giving campaigns. In fact, for many nonprofit organizations, these end-of-year campaigns count for 26 – 50% of their annual funds for the following year.  So, if you are like the majority of nonprofit organizations that require end-of-year funding, how can you ramp-up your end-of-year campaign? The answer: Social Media.  Although the population on social media continues to rise, many nonprofits...