As the year comes to a close, nonprofits from all over the world begin to kick-off their end-of-year giving campaigns. In fact, for many nonprofit organizations, these end-of-year campaigns count for 26 – 50% of their annual funds for the following year. 

So, if you are like the majority of nonprofit organizations that require end-of-year funding, how can you ramp-up your end-of-year campaign? The answer: Social Media. 

Although the population on social media continues to rise, many nonprofits fail to properly market on social media, if at all. If you’re looking to ramp-up your end-of-year ask, you cannot leave the low hanging fruit, social media, out of your campaign. 

Below are five tips our social media team recommends you follow to stand-out from the crowd and increase your donations: 

  1. Start Early. Don’t wait until the last minute to push your end-of-year ask. We recommend you begin in either October or November to truly maximize your potential reach and increase donors. 
  2. Be Transparent! People rarely donate to an organization when they have no idea where their money is going. Is 50% of their contribution going to your mission, while the other 50% is going towards administrative fees? Make that very clear. 
  3. Use Trending Topics and Holidays to your Advantage. Take a moment to review upcoming events, holidays, and what is trending in your area and within your industry – i.e., Giving Tuesday, Fall Festivals, Thanksgiving. Relate the trending hashtags and keywords back to your organization to maximize your potential donor reach. *Pro-Tip: Make sure these trending topics, holidays, and events are relevant to your organization. 
  4. Make Donations an Easy Process. Time is extremely important in the world we live in. If a donor has to spend time searching for a way to give, chances are they won’t! On all of your end-of-year social media asks, make sure your ‘Call-to-Action’ is linking them to your online giving database. Here, the potential donor should be able to simply type in their information and give! 

Hire a Social Media Company

For many organizations, these tips may seem overwhelming. Unless you have an on-site marketing team, how will you have the time? This is where social media companies, like Out of Dust Marketing, come into play. 

Social Media should never be neglected, especially when it comes to nonprofits and their end-of-year ask. Not only is it affordable, but it is also proven to be extremely effective. Social media companies have the skills, experience, and time needed to professionally and effectively market your organization on social media.

For all your social media needs, contact our team at Out of Dust Marketing and Communications by visiting our CONTACT PAGE or by phone: 904-775-2957